Why Canine Companions?

Dated: May 10 2023

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We are often asked about our partnership with Canine Companions - a non-profit organization that provides highly trained assistance dogs to people with disabilities.

Canine Companions are specifically trained to perform tasks such as opening doors, picking up dropped items, and even turning light switches on and off. Canine Companions is dedicated to enhancing the independence and quality of life of people with disabilities, and their assistance dogs play a vital role in achieving this goal.

NextHome has pledged to donate a portion of its commission from every home sale to Canine Companions, with a goal of raising $80,000 in 2023.

This partnership between Canine Companions and NextHome is a perfect example of how we can use our resources to make a positive impact on our community. By supporting Canine Companions, NextHome is not only helping to improve the lives of people with disabilities, but also promoting the important role that assistance dogs play in our society.

The funds raised by NextHome will go towards the training and care of Canine Companions' assistance dogs, which is a crucial aspect of the organization's work. It costs Canine Companions over $50,000 to train and care for each assistance dog, and the organization relies on donations and partnerships like ours to continue providing this valuable service.

By working together, we are helping to create a more inclusive and compassionate society, one that values the contributions of all its members, including those with disabilities and their canine companions.

Interested in donating?  CLICK HERE!

Or, if you'd like to be a volunteer puppy raiser...CLICK HERE!

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